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We are calledΒ to be Salt and Light in this world, but what does this mean for us in modern-day America? In this sermon series, we will explore Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and how His teachings should shape our everyday actions and convictions, calling us to live lives that may often look different fromΒ the rest of the culture.


Celebrating the Life-Changing Impact of Christ

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Making Room

A Victorian Parable

David the King

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A Roman Spring

A Part of Ukraine

A Story About People & Partnerships

In Easter of 2022 we collected the largest donation in the history of Cornerstone to give towards buying medical supplies for Ukraine. God worked in amazing ways and through many people and organizations to make the connection from New Jersey to Ukraine possible. In late November of last year we sent Pastor Fred Provencher to Ukraine to deliver a vital piece of medical equipment. We captured the whole thing on film and have been working to put together a mini documentary to tell the story.

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