A Story of People and Partnerships

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, which began in 2014. The invasion has caused tens of thousands of deaths on both sides and displaced millions of Ukrainians who fled west to avoid the Russian troops and air strikes. At that time, Cornerstone Christian Church became aware of a group of Ukrainian healthcare workers organized by an American doctor and missionary who were on the ground near the combat zone giving medical care to thousands of seriously injured civilians. The healthcare workers needed medical supplies, and Cornerstone wanted to help. But due to shortages in and around Ukraine, collecting money alone would not solve the problem; they needed to buy and ship the material. This is the story of the people and partnerships that made that possible.

Part of Something Extraordinary

Last Easter, we collected the largest donation in the history of Cornerstone to give towards buying medical supplies for Ukraine. God worked in amazing ways and through many people and organizations to make the connection from New Jersey to Ukraine possible. In late November of last year we sent Fred Provencher to Ukraine to deliver a vital piece of medical equipment. We captured the whole thing on film and have been working to put together a mini documentary to tell the story.

It’s not just the story of what Cornerstone has done. It’s the story of what Grace Redeemer Church in Glen Rock has done, what UPS has done, what Accumen, Arsenal Capital Partners, and Convoy of Hope has done. It’s individuals here and overseas, who will never meet, but have done their part to do something extraordinary.

Watch the Documentary

Special Thanks

Cornerstone would like to thank the following individuals for helping make this possible:

Don Waters, Dan & Jan Dunn, Sally & Wayne Teschon, Nancy Wespetal, Arek Obcieszko, Steve McLean, Eric Jurinic, BG Porter, Wes Wheeler, Audra Weddle, Edmund Kawn, Sau Yee, Mark Green, Lt. Co. Jack Jacobs, Cedar Hill Christian Church, Grace Redeemer Church, UPS Healthcare Logistics, Convoy of Hope, Accumen Inc., Arsenal Capital Partners, Mike Marrero, and many others.