Generously serving a world in need

Here, Near + Far

We believe that God calls us to serve in our world – here, near and far. As a church, we are involved in several ministries in and around our community and surrounding areas.
Below are a few who we regularly support.

Servant’s Heart is a group of organized individuals who serve the select needs of the church and various mission organizations. The purpose of this ministry is to perform service projects for both organizations and individuals, utilizing a trained team of volunteers (skilled and unskilled). Our efforts will reflect the love and power of Jesus Christ our Savior to build the Kingdom of God.  If you would like to volunteer to serve with Servant’s Heart please contact Pastor John Oostdyk.

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Cornerstone supports short term missionaries that are regular attendees of the church. If you are going on a mission trip and need monetary support, please fill out this application.


Providing fresh produce and non-perishable food for local families in need.

We believe that the earth was created by God for His glory. Everything that He created belongs to Him. God has a right to claim all things that He created into His service. We claim no ownership over our time, energy, financial resources, land, and very life. Therefore, all that the earth produces, including fruit, flower, and vegetable are precious gifts from Him. By his grace, God calls his sons and daughters to exercise wise stewardship in caring for His wonderful creation. Living in a suburban community, we realize that it is often difficult to relate to the God-given, life sustaining properties of the land on which we live. We, however, strive to find ways to use all of God’s creation, including our own backyards, to bring glory to Him and promote His kingdom on earth. By growing produce and sharing non-perishable foods to meet the needs of others, we are merely returning what is already God’s back to His throne.

Because of your generous giving, Cornerstone distributed over 1,500 lbs. of fresh, healthy produce to hungry families in 2016. We hope to have another great harvest this summer. Details about 2018’s Summer Harvest coming soon.

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Cornerstone also supports over 45 missionaries worldwide. Visit the World Missions section for more information about those we support internationally.