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A little bit about Life Groups

Life-Changing Community

Our God is a God of relationships, and life groups are a great way to grow in our faith while building relationships with others.

We all need to walk alongside others in order to learn, grow, be challenged, embrace our differences, encourage one another, and be centered on Jesus Christ. Life is meant to be lived in community, not in solitude. Let’s walk alongside each other as we will dig deeper and journey through life, together.

We offer so many opportunities to get connected! Check out our selection of life groups, interest groups, and care groups. If you have questions about life groups or are interested in leading a group, please contact Tyler Roberts,

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Become a Life Group Leader

Life groups are a central part of our mission and commitment to building a community centered on Jesus Christ. If you feel led to lead, we have would love to equip and assist you.

Our Fall Life Groups Launch on September 18.

Choose a Group

Our men’s life groups provide a space where men can engage with other men as they deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and walk alongside each other through their various seasons of life and circumstances.

Through our women's life groups, women come together to know Jesus more deeply, lead fuller lives in Christ, and grow in community and sisterhood as we celebrate and share our lives together.

Interest groups are a place to share your passions or to try out something new. From basketball to needlework to book clubs, we have so many opportunities to have fun and enjoy fellowship!

We believe that life is better together! Our community groups offer a place for men and women of various life stages and seasons to grow in their faith and dig deeper together.

Cornerstone's college and career groups are made up of college-age and twenty-somethings who believe there is more to life than what we see. We seek to learn more about God and use that knowledge to better love those around us.

In those times when you are hurting – physically, emotionally, or spiritually – it helps to have someone there who will listen, support, and encourage. Cornerstone care groups are designed to help individuals, couples, and families grow in their faith during these difficult times.

Life groups are a place where non-believers, new believers, and mature believers can belong, believe, and become.

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