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Celebrating and Sharing Our Life in Christ Together

Cornerstone Women strives to build a vibrant and authentic community of women who love God and each other. Our groups and events offer a welcoming space to grow relationships, pray together, and encourage each other in our walk with Christ. Cornerstone Women seeks to support each woman through every stage of her personal spiritual journey. We want to minister to her unique needs so that she can know Jesus more deeply, lead a fuller life in Christ, engage with others in her community, and celebrate and share our lives in Christ together.


As a community of women, it is our desire to build relationships, to encourage each other to live and make choices that honor God, and to bring peace to our often-hectic schedules.

Tuesday Mornings for Women

Our Tuesday morning women's life groups provide a space for women of all ages and stages to seek a deeper relationship with God through Bible study and prayer and to encourage one another in our daily walk with Christ.

Please note that you will need to purchase your own books for the study. We will not have copies available to purchase.

The Message of Judges by Michael Wilcox
Led by Jan Alexander & Bobbie Macy

The book of Judges contains some of the most famous of the Bible's stories, as well as some of the least known. They show us the deepest sins of humanity but reveal them in the light of God's abundant grace. Behind human leaders such as Deborah, Jephthah, and Samson stands the principal actor in this drama: God as Judge, discerning and deciding. Michael Wilcock astutely explores the message of Judges to show that God never abandons his people—then or now. In this Bible Speaks Today commentary, Wilcock illuminates the meaning that Judges still holds for us today as a story of God's grace. The Judge of all ensures that his people will never manage to destroy themselves, even though it may look as if they are on course for disaster.

Order your book.


Luke: Gut Level Compassion by Lisa Harper
Led by Suzanne Troast

Many women believe that we aren't good enough to meet other people's expectations. Maybe you can't wrap words around why, but lurking beneath the surface of the carefully curated public mask that you wear. The great news woven throughout the Gospel according to Luke is that perfection is not a prerequisite for a deep and personal relationship with Jesus. Join Lisa Harper doesn't celebrate the elite, but embraces the outliers, outcasts, and overlooked!

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Isaiah: Striving Less and Trusting God More by Melissa Spoelstra
Led by Susi Devries
Isaiah communicated clearly that followers of God could trust in Him. In 7 weeks of group sessions, unpack Isaiah's words to reveal that you can trust God more than your own human effort or the counterfeits the world suggests. You won't be striving harder, but instead trusting more deeply in the Faithful One who is so worthy of our utter dependence. In Him you'll find the comfort and peace you need to sustain you.

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God of Deliverance: A Study of Exodus 1-18 by Jen Wilkin
Led by Vanessa Quinones & Kara Gunza
The exodus of the Israelites shapes our understanding of the whole Bible, its themes reverberating all the way to Revelation. Exodus is the birth narrative of a nation unmistakably guided by the Great Deliverer. In this 10-session verse-by-verse study of Exodus 1-18, Jen Wilkin shows us that Israel's story is our story: the same God who delivered Israel also delivers all those He loves from slavery to sin and from service to the pharaohs of this world. He lifts our eyes to the promised land He has prepared where we dwell with I AM and worship Him as the one true God.

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Finding God in the Margins: The Book of Ruth by Carolyn Custis James
Led by Tanya Dennis
In Finding God in the Margins: The Book of Ruth, Carolyn Custis James reveals how the book of Ruth is about God, the questions that surface when life falls apart, and how he reaches into the margins and chooses two totally marginalized women who in the eyes of the patriarchal culture are zeros. Each chapter concludes with suggested Scripture readings and reflection questions.

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Women's Events

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Women's Life Groups

Women’s groups are structured to come alongside women through their various seasons of life. In every life group at Cornerstone, there is an emphasis on prayer, developing relationships with God and each other, Bible study, and service.

Numerous life groups meet throughout the week. For information, email discipleship@cornerstonenj.org.