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Our Worship Podcast

Hey there, fellow worshippers, music enthusiasts, and tech-savvy friends! Welcome to the Cornerstone Worship Podcast, your go-to hub crafted specifically for the members of our worship and tech teams. Here, we release new episodes monthly, tailor-made to pair with our monthly worship theme. Take a listen each month to be encouraged & glean invaluable insights. Our hope is that after you listen, you'll feel more fully equipped to lead our community with a better understanding of our monthly worship focus, its significance, and the important role that you play in our community.

This Month's Topic

Singing is one of the ways that we live out the purpose for which we were created: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Worship is expressing our love to God for who He is, and what He's doing. The glory of God is His greatness, His beauty, and His worth on display. To glorify God does not mean to make Him glorious. He is already glorious! Infinitely glorious! It means to experience Him for what he is - dominant, majestic, weighty, great, beautiful, worthy.

This Month's Episode

In this episode, we hear from Jeff Graves, Tim Dedrick, Zach Stebbins, & Larissa Thomas as they discuss what it means to glorify God through worship. When you're feelin it, when you're not feelin it, when you're chasing your kids down trying to get them to get in the car so you can get to rehearsal on Sunday morning... how do we focus on the vastness of God when it seems like there's so many things pulling our attentions away from Him? What does it look like to "glorify God with our lips" when you're not a vocalist? Is it different when you're on the stage than when you're in the congregation? These questions & more were tackled pretty head on by our panel.

Thank you Tim, Zach, & Larissa for offering up such an open and honest conversation. And thank you Jeff for leading it!

Past Episodes

In the future, you'll be able to access all of our past episodes right here... But for now, give us a break, ok? We are just starting out! We're newbies and all we have recorded is June! Come see us in July when we're seasoned veterans.

A Few Random Facts

Meet The Team

Jeff Graves

There's always some song bouncing in my head, but who knows what genre it is. I'm all over the place. I had my first church solo when I was in first grade and sang "God Can Do Anything!" I recently retired from vocational ministry after 40 years serving in Texas, Illinois, and New Jersey, mainly dealing with teens. I love thinking outside the lines and in between the lines of the Bible.

Laramie Street

Laramie Street

Music & creativity have always been a part of my life. I started violin when I was 5 years old and electric bass at 14. After graduating with my BFA in studio art, I got involved with a church plant and I started to serve with my artwork. I've been tinkering, wiring, paper mache-ing, building, designing, painting, and installing stuff in the church ever since.

Beck Smith

I grew up in a musical family and dabbled in playing most instruments, but found that it wasn't the ideal way for me to feel engaged in worship. When I was 14 I began helping out with the tech in the church, and I have been all tech, all the time, ever since. When I'm not elbows deep in cables or hours into an edit, I'm in school studying production.

Noreen Abdon

In a small church in the Philippines at the age of 6, I performed a special number- singing with a CD instrumental track. That was the first time I sang on stage by myself. In the following years, I joined a vocal master class led by renowned pianist, Vera Tisheff, served on my church's worship team for 6 years, and attended WPU as a Popular Music Major. I am now studying Music Therapy at MSU.

John Van Buiten

JVB to some, John or Johnny to others. Accountant by day, musician by night (and I guess also some days). I started piano at 5 years old and organ at 13. I played in church for the first time at 6 years old and have been involved in worship music ever since. When I'm not accounting or making music, my three kids keep me on my toes.