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WHEN: Tuesdays @7PM
WHERE: online

Cornerstone Youth has been off and running with in-person programming for many weeks now, and it has been a blast! One of the potential risks though is having people together during the covid-19 pandemic. Due to this risk we have asked all of our paid and volunteer staff to be as safe as possible in and out of youth programming to keep this risk as low as possible. Although our team has taken these measures to heart, we understand during this time a risk still remains.

With that, we are informing you all, that our paid staff has been in contact with someone who has been exhibiting signs of COVID-19 and not feeling well since late last week. The exposure did not happen at youth programming, but because of this our paid staff will be quarantining at home for 14 days, and some of our volunteer leaders have chosen to do the same.

This means, out of an abundance of caution, all Cornerstone Youth programming will move to our online platforms until after Thanksgiving. We believe this will give our youth team adequate time to ensure they are as healthy as possible.