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I Thank God (Maverick City Music)

Verse 1:
Wandering into the night
wanting a place to hide
This weary soul, this bag of bones
I try with all of my might
But I just can't win the fight
I'm slowly drifting, a vagabond

Pre-Chorus 1:
And just when I ran out of road
I met a man I didn't know
And He told me that I was not alone

He picked me up, turned me around
Placed my feet on solid ground
I thank the Master, I thank the Savior
Because He healed my heart, changed my name
Forever free I'm not the same
I thank the Master, I thank the Savior
I thank God

Verse 2
I cannot deny what I've seen
Got no choice but to believe
My doubts are burning, like ashes in the wind
So so long to my old friends
burden and bitterness
You can just keep on moving
You're not welcome here

Pre-Chorus 2:
From now till I walk streets of gold
I'll sing of how You saved my soul
This wayward son has found his way back home


Bridge: x6
Hell lost another one
I am free, I am free, I am free

(End on Chorus)

"I Thank God"
CCLI #7169680 | Aaron Moses, Chuck Butler, Dante Bowe, Jesse Cline, and Maryanne J. George
© Bethel