Men’s TEAM Saturday

Teaching, Equipping Accountable Men
A Synergy of 6 Menโ€™s Groups

We are on a spiritual journey in the context of a community of men. We meet in the Upper Barn at 7:30AM every Saturday morning except major holiday weekends.

The Synergy starts at 7:30 with a coffee fellowship time before our large group Bible Study. At 8:00am we begin the study of one of the books of the Bible. ย The discussion is facilitated by various men on a volunteer basis. We offer a guide for lesson preparation for those that facilitate a lesson. At 9:00am we break into our small groups of four or more men per group; we call this the Accountability & Prayer time. This is an intimate period for praying with and for each other. This is patterned after the discipleship format of Jesus when he had a group of twelve and then an inner circle of three.

We always have an โ€œopen chairโ€ so please consider checking us out and joining the TEAM, that together we experience the Presence, the Power and the Purpose of Jesus in our lives.