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Deeply Rooted.

Cornerstone Women seeks to support each woman through stages of her own personal spiritual journey, minister to her unique and personal needs in order that she may lead a fuller, freer life, encourage her to reach others in her community, and celebrate and share our life in Christ together.

As a community of women it is our desire to gather together and encourage each other to make decisions in all areas of life, that honor God and bring peace to our often hectic schedules. Contact Holly Turner for more information.

Women’s Life Group: When God Doesn’t Fix It

Random  Thursday Thursdays (Check calendar for dates) at 7PM | Lower Barn
"When God Doesn't Fix It" DVD study by Laura Story. This six session women's group led by Karen Capalbo will be meeting over the summer months. With a study subtitle of: "Lessions You Never Wanted to Learn, Truths You Can't Live Without," this will surely be a great time of camaraderie and growth! Even if you are going to have to miss a session or two due to other commitments or travel, you can plan to attend. Reach out to group leader Karen Capalbo (click here for Karen Capalbo's email) or Adult Ministries Director Susan Spoelstra (click here for Susan Spoelstra's email) with any questions. | Read More

Women’s Life Group: “The Beatitudes”

Every  Tuesday Tuesdays at 7:30PM | Lower Barn
This summer group for women, led by Karen Boswell and Christine Tursi, has a study focus of "The Beatitudes: Developing Your Spiritual Character" by John Stott. | Read More

Women's Life Groups

Women’s Groups are structured to come alongside women through their various seasons of life. In every Life Group at Cornerstone, there is an emphasis on prayer, developing relationships with God and each other, Bible study, and service.

Numerous Life Groups meet throughout the week at local homes, the church campus and other locations within the community. For information, contact Susan Spoelstra, Director of Adult Ministries

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