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Seven Letters to Seven Churches

Every Tuesday at 9:30AM
Shepherd: Karen Boswell + Brunie Quinones
September 22, 2020- November 17, 2020


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This study will examine what Jesus has to say in Revelation 2-3, through a series of seven letters to seven first-century churches.  Although these churches were actual, historical churches in Asia Minor, it’s fascinating that we can find examples of each one of them in our world today and throughout the church age, as well as the kinds of Christians who fill them.  In these seven letters, Jesus instructs each congregation directly and specifically on how they can walk more closely with Him, bearing light in a pagan world.  Seven times, Christ identifies Himself, then speaks of patient endurance, not fearing tribulation, repenting of a dead faith, keeping God’s Word, receiving the crown of life, and finally, bestowing a blessing on the obedient church that “overcomes.”  Let’s stand under the weight of what Jesus speaks to these churches.  Let’s consider our own strengths and weaknesses as His church, our own attitudes and failures, and embrace the challenges and assuring promises that He offers each of His followers.  Let’s go deeper in our faith, take it all to heart, and learn as Jesus speaks.