Friends! That is it. Well at least for this devotional series. We spent some time thinking about our hearts, looking to God in the Bible, and then friendship and relationships. I hope you got something out of this. Let me tell you a story, and then what’s next.

Daniel just walked 900 miles, and learned a new language, been given a new name, and do you know what I can imagine he feels a little different. It’s like moving from New York City, to a little village in India different. He has just gone through three years of learning about Babylon, and all of their cultures and customs. In chapter 1:8 we learn he is given food sacrificed to the god’s of Babylon, and Daniel says “no.” It says, “Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the King’s food.” I can imagine it was an awkward conversation. “Hey Daniel, you want this uhh steak?” And Daniel goes, “nope, I’d love a cucumber, and kale.”

Now this seems, like an odd story for us, and the whole thing goes from Daniel 1:8-21. The point all comes down to this one word – resolve. Essentially, Daniel made a firm decision that no matter what he was going to honor God in this new way of life. I’m not sure about you, but life hasn’t been extremely hard or stressful for me with all of this, it has just been different. It’s not a new normal. This whole thing is abnormal, and all of this shouldn’t be happening. Either way though, we have the same option Daniel has. Will we make a firm decision to stay connected to God in this time, or will we just go with the flow like everyone else?

The choice is yours. What will you choose to do?

For what’s next check out your email next Monday morning. We are still going to do these devotions for you guys. We love it!

My friends! Miss you all. Be blessed. – Jack Hein

For today, there is no journal or conversation questions. Just look back at past devotionals and see how you have grown.