A Thread in the Tapestry

It is so easy to fall into the assumption that our value and worth come from fleeting pleasures found in the world. And naturally so! We have fame, fortune, material possessions, popularity, time, knowledge, athleticism, technology, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These things pander to our pride and desires, so of course we would find some satisfaction in those things. But Solomon tells us of something that is much deeper and much more impactful than a fickle thing found on earth.

Solomon tells his son in Proverbs 9 that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” In other words, Solomon says that a reverential fear of the Lord is the first step toward Godly wisdom and understanding which leads to genuine fulfillment in life. This fulfillment is something we all crave, so rather than searching for it through things that will inevitably go away to tenaciously seek the Lord’s wisdom instead.

We can take Solomon’s word in this matter because he has seen both sides of the coin. He spent a lot of time looking to find fulfillment in earthly things, eventually learning that his value is not found in wealth, popularity, power, or accumulations. It is not based on accomplishments, technology, or qualifications we attain. These things are ultimately striving after the wind.

Solomon rather implores us to hold strong to the truth of the Lord. We see that the Lord has been constant throughout all of history, weaving the theme of grace and redemption throughout all the Scriptures. We can come into a deeper understanding of who He is, especially in light of the work Jesus did on the cross. The more we immerse ourselves into the inerrant and uncompromised word of God, the more we see the His knowledge and the more we discover of the good plans He has for each of His children.

To fear the Lord is to know the Lord. By the grace through faith in Jesus we have been saved and made one with Him. We can see our humanity and His goodness through coming to know Him. How fulfilling is it to know we are a thread in the tapestry of the story of redemption? I don’t know about you, but that’s far more fulfilling than anything I could ever dream of. – Katie Hufnagle

Journal Guide: Take some time to get alone today and take about 15-20 minutes to journal through these questions. Journaling is a way we pray to God, so see what God might be telling you.
1. What are some of the things you can get wrapped up in?
2. How do you feel about being a thread in the tapestry of the Lord’s narrative?
3. How can you begin to fear the Lord / know more about Him in this season?
4. Take some time to write a prayer to God.

Conversation Guide: Ask three questions to your siblings and parents. We think doing it over the dinner table or right after dinner is a great time to do it.
1. How can we fear the Lord?
2. Think about other people in your life. How has your story incorporated into theirs? How do your stories come together in the Lord’s narrative?
3. What have you been learning from God in this season?

Prayer: Read Proverbs 9 and then read this prayer by yourself:
Dear God, I thank you today for the fulfillment you have given each of us by participating in your story. Your plans are good and perfect and we can find fulfillment in your unconditional love. Give me an understanding heart and a fear of your glorious majesty. The more I know you, the more I fellowship with you and those around me. Reveal your eternal character and unsurpassed attributes to myself and those around me today. I praise you for this promise. I love you. Amen.