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Current Community Groups

Groups Open for Registration

Old Testament Narrative

Led by Pastor Fred Provencher

Meets Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm on campus. These nights will consist of a large group teaching time followed by time in small groups.


Married Couples

Led by Peter & Joyce Sauer

Meets the second and fourth Friday evenings of the month at 7:30pm on campus.


Young Married Couples

Led by Jack & Nancy Hein

Meets every other Wednesday evening at 7:30pm off campus.


Other Active Groups

Life groups thrive in environments where members are able to get to know one another, build trust, and freely share their hearts. If a group grows too large, it can often hinder the ability to build these deep relationships. For this reason we must sometimes close registration to limit the size of a group. If the topic or timing of one of these groups appeals to you, please email discipleship@cornerstonenj.org so we can notify you if space opens or help you find another group to meets your needs.

Married Couples

Led by Dan & Kelley Westra

Meets every other Thursday evening at 8:00pm off campus.


Married Couples

Led by Andy & Jen Tyler

Meets the second and fourth Sunday evenings at 6:30pm on campus.


Married Couples

Led by Steve & Roni Dorsey

Meets the first and third Sundays evenings at 7:00pm off campus.




Married Couples

Led by Tim and Krissy Leckie

Meets off campus.