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Unsung Heroes

Help us recognized those in professions who make our lives easier, but so often don’t get noticed. These hard-working people didn’t get a break through the Pandemic: Postal Carriers, Garbage & Sanitation Workers, Delivery Drivers, Gas Station Attendants.

Day 1

Prayer: God give me eyes to see the way you do, to notice and engage the way you do.

Action: As you go about your day, actively notice the people that make your life function at a higher level- gas station attendants, delivery people and mail carriers and sanitation workers. Thank God for them and actively notice who they are and what they’re doing.

Day 2

Prayer: God, give me a heart to love others the way that you do.

Action: as you continue to actively notice the people in your everyday, intentionally say hello and ask some questions (or make some some thoughtful observations if talking isn’t a possibility in that moment) to gain a little more understanding of their stories and experiences.

Day 3

Prayer: God, may I have willingness, creativity and discernment as I respond to what I see.

Action: as you notice and seek to understand and know the people in your everyday life who perhaps go unnoticed, look to fill needs:
-providing a basket of snacks/water for delivery workers outside your front door
-bottles of cold water for the sanitation workers or gas station attendants
-make encouragement songs or cards for any of these unsung heroes God is calling you to love.

Day 4

Prayer: God, help me make this a regular part of my living, a discipline of service.

Action: share with a friend, or share at family dinner about how the week is going and what you have been learning about God, yourself and the unsung heroes you’re intentionally engaging.

Day 5

Prayer: God, thank you for the journey of becoming more like Jesus. Would you humble my heart to bring real change as I live and interact with all types of people.

Action: Reflect (journal, create, talk with a mentor) about this week. What will your eyes be trained to see and your heart be poised to respond to next week? Next month? Next year? Work to make this a lifestyle of noticing and loving people, the ones easily noticed and the ones often passed by.