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First century believers followed Jesus’ leading through the waters of baptism by being brought beneath the water to symbolize the death of past sins and then resurrected to a new life in Christ.
Are you interested in getting baptized?
While this COVID season has made having a Baptism Service in our Chapel complicated we are excited to offer those who desire to be baptized 3 ways to do so:

1.Baptism during one of our LIVE Outdoor Sunday Morning Services
• Starting Sunday, July 19th we will have LIVE outdoor Worship Services at 9:00 AM
• If you would like to get baptized during one of our LIVE services, we will have 1 or 2 portable baptismals. They will be set up outside, cleaned, sanitized and filled with warm water (& only used ONCE per Sunday).
• If scheduled to get baptized that morning, we will ask you to briefly share why you want to get baptized. The baptisms will take place between worship and the message.
• Depending on availability we could offer 1 or 2 baptisms each Sunday throughout the end of July & the whole month of August
2. Baptism at the Vietri Pool (The Vietri Family is a local church family living in Oakland)
• Join us on Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00PM for an outdoor backyard baptism service in a chlorinated & heated pool
• If scheduled to get baptized that night, we would ask you to briefly share why you want to get baptized before Pastor Fred (or someone else of your choosing from the Pastoral Staff) baptizes you
• We will need to limit the number of individuals getting baptized & the amount of guests they can bring
3. Destination Baptism
• If you aren’t available for the above options but have access to a pool, lake or pond please reach out to Pastor Fred or someone from our Pastoral Staff to arrange a baptism on a date & location that works for you.
• We would ask that you video record this baptism
Baptism Class:
We will be offering an Online Baptism Information Class (via ZOOM) on Monday, July 27th. The Baptism Class is NOT mandatory to be baptized but will be helpful.