Youth Devotionals

Youth Devotionals

Cornerstone Youth has started a Daily Devotional, and we want to tell you the plan moving forward for it. After today, you will receive an email on Monday morning with all of the devotions for that week. Each week will have 6 devotions. One for each day, except Sunday. Our hope is your time with the Lord that day will be viewing Cornerstone’s Sunday morning service with your family.

This week (March 18-21) has been an introduction to our devotional. Next week (March 23-28) we will be wrestling through the habit of looking at our hearts. You’ll hear more about it on Monday.

Starting next week, as well, look out for our Instagram and Facebook page. This will be the way we stay connected about what’s next moving forward.

Lastly, if you want more information about Cornerstone Online and Cornerstone Youth Online, or any updates about Covid-19 please follow this link. All our church resources, devotionals, and other announcements during this time will be shown there.

We understand this email is mostly sent to parents so please share this with your kids. Thanks, everyone!