God of Creation Study

We want to challenge you even in the summer to Dive Into God’s word. So we are offering various ways to do that and Interesting topics. The God of creation study is an every day devotional/study and we are only meeting twice over the summer once on July 10 and once on August 28. We know everyone’s busy, we know everyone goes on vacation but it’s important for us to be in the word together! We hope you’ll join us!

God Of Creation Information
To participate in this study, here is information from the LifeWay website:
-God of Creation is 10 weeks long, starting June 21 and ending August 23. —You’ll get to watch the full video teaching for free!*
-You’ll need to grab a copy of the God of Creation Bible study book. Order the Bible study at LifeWay.com or grab one off the shelves at your local LifeWay store. (Also available on Amazon)
-We’ll post a new video session here on the blog each week on Thursday at 5 a.m. CT (barring any technical difficulties).
-For the first week, you’ll watch the video on June 21 first and then complete the Week 2 material in the study book before we meet again! (You’ll fill in Week 1 [pages 14-15] as you watch the first video.)

Here is the link to the Blog:


WHEN: Jul 10 + Aug 28 @7:30PM
WHERE: The Barn