Providing fresh produce and non-perishable food for local families in need.

We believe that the earth was created by God for His glory. Everything that He created belongs to Him. God has a right to claim all things that He created into His service. We claim no ownership over our time, energy, financial resources, land, and very life. Therefore, all that the earth produces, including fruit, flower, and vegetable are precious gifts from Him. By his grace, God calls his sons and daughters to exercise wise stewardship in caring for His wonderful creation. Living in a suburban community, we realize that it is often difficult to relate to the God-given, life sustaining properties of the land on which we live. We, however, strive to find ways to use all of God’s creation, including our own backyards, to bring glory to Him and promote His kingdom on earth. By growing produce and sharing non-perishable foods to meet the needs of others, we are merely returning what is already God’s back to His throne.


Summer Harvest-FB Cover

Imagine struggling every day to keep food on the table for your family. That’s a reality for many of our neighbors here in Northern New Jersey. Did you know in Passaic County alone, over 70,000 people face food insecurity and 23% are children?

For the fourth consecutive year, Cornerstone families are on a mission to help feed local families in need.


How can I participate?

  • Sign up to donate non-perishable food or volunteer to grow a garden and donate vegetables

 Who should volunteer?

  •  Anyone and everyone. Great service opportunity for singles, families, small groups, youth or seniors

 What non-perishable items should I donate?

  •  Canned goods, food, rice/beans and cereal

 Where do I drop off non-perishable food?

  • Drop off bins are located in the foyer at Cornerstone Christian Church during the Sunday morning services.

 Where do I drop off my fresh produce?

  • Fresh produce can be dropped off at:
    Cornerstone Christian Church
    495 Wyckoff Ave
    Wyckoff, NJ 07481
  • The drop-off site is inside the white garage next to the Goat Barn on your right as you enter the church parking lot.
  • Enter the door on your far left while facing the garage.  Locate labeled Rubbermaid containers for different types of produce.  There is also a refrigerator in which you can put any lettuce, herbs, or other produce that needs to be refrigerated.

 When can I drop off my fresh produce?

  • We highly encourage dropping off your produce between Tuesday through noon on Thursday (Tue – 12noon Thursday). Star of Hope has agreed to pick up CCC produce every week on Thursday afternoon.

What if my garden is not producing food or I only have a little?

  • Feel free to purchase fresh produce to drop off to supplement whatever you grow.  Large bags potatoes, apples, oranges, bananas are a wonderful addition and go a long way towards feeding hungry families.


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