Easter Offering

The funds collected at the Easter offering this year will be going to Touch The World Ministries to purchase an ambulance for the medical center in Adak, a small community located in northern Uganda. The local bring patients with a wide variety of problems to the medical center—from labor and delivery to disease and accidents—because they are treated with both medical excellence and the love of Christ. On some occasions, however, someone seeks help with a condition beyond the scope of the center, and it is necessary to transport them over 12 miles to the closest hospital in Gulu Town for treatment. Since the current means of transportation at the center is a motorcycle of bicycle, traveling that distance on dirt roads is impractical and can even be fatal for a seriously ill patient. The medical center needs an ambulance. The cost is $15,000, but we are confidence this amount can be raised with the Easter offering. If you are able to give, your gift can be placed in the offering plate during any of the Holy Week services.

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