Sports Equipment Needed

Children’s Ministry is looking to borrow the following items for VBS decorating: lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, varsity jackets, football helmets, baseball helmets, baseball mitts, goals, football pads, lacrosse pads, cheerleading pom poms, and cleats. Please mark each item with your name and drop off in the back gallery by July 29. Items must be picked up by August 5.

Abraham Reading Plan

Abraham is a central figure for Jews, Christians and Muslims which means that literally billions of people on earth consider themselves in some way a “child of Abraham.” But when you read the account of this man in the book of Genesis he is not always so heroic. So is he an example or not? This summer we will follow him as he leaves his homeland led only by the promise of God and his own fragile faith. We are a lot like Abraham and we will see that what God loves in this Patriarch is what he desires for us.

Download Reading Plan

Summer Kids’ Church Volunteers Needed

Starting June 24 and continuing through to September 9, we give our faithful year-long teachers and helpers a break for the Summer.

We still need about 25 volunteers each Sunday to make Kids Church for our infants through 5th graders run smoothly & effectively. So.. we need YOU!

Please consider helping us be a part of the vision here at Cornerstone to Invest in the Next Generation and fill out the form below.